NBC is one of the broadcasting giants around the globe. You have everything covered under this network. Contents on various genres and categories that people need to watch every day like news are also available under the network. You have got the regular old entertainment like drama, action and regular TV shows that has a huge fan base. The National Broadcasting Company, nicknamed as NBC, can be easily named as some of the few that are capable of swaying a huge fan base towards it by expanding its territories to the cord-cutter’s world. Use this blog to know how to activate the NBC channel on your favorite streaming device.

How Do I Watch NBC Network on Roku

How Do I Watch NBC Network on Roku?

What are the devices that I can use to stream the NBC channel?

You can stream NBC channel on the following devices. These include some of the most popular streaming devices available like Roku, Firestick, AppleTV, etc. You can add the channel and proceed to activate it, just like any other channels available on the store.

How can I watch NBC network if I am a cord-cutter?

You can stream NBC on your streaming player as there are multiple options available for you to choose from. You also have a separate application for the NBC network to stream the channel on your streaming device. However, you will need a TV provider’s credentials to log in to the channel.

Some of the popular channels that you can use to watch the NBC channel are as follows.

  • Sling TV
  • Fubo TV
  • YouTube TV

These are some of the channels that include the NBC network in its arsenal. You can easily use any one of these subscriptions to watch all the contents provided by the channel.

The adding of the channel and activating it would be most similar in all the streaming services.

Say if you want to add and activate the YouTube TV on your streaming device, then

  • Launch your streaming device.
  • Search for YouTube TV on your streaming device.
  • When you hit the search button, you will get a list of results from which you have to choose the appropriate channel.
  • Once you find the respective channel, you can proceed to download the channel.
  • Once the download is over, launch the channel and proceed with the activation steps.
  • Use a browser to activate the YouTube TV using tv.youtube.com/activate
  • Once you are in this link, you can enter the activation code from the device and proceed with the flow.
  • Once you activate your device, you can choose the respective bundle you want to include the NBC channel on your service.
  • Complete the payment for the respective bundle, and you can start streaming the NBC network on your streaming device.

How to stream the NBC network on Roku/Firestick/Apple TV, etc.?

You can use the NBC network application available on the channel store of your streaming device to watch the contents offered by the channel. Just add the channel and proceed to activate it by using the NBC activation code.

  • Launch your streaming device and navigate to the search bar on your home screen.
  • Type in “NBC network,” you will get a lot of results from which you have to select the one that you were looking for.
  • Click on the channel to load the description page. Next to your description page, you can see the “add channel” tab or the “download” tab on your display.
  • Once you click on the “add channel” tab, your download will begin. The download will be over in a few seconds as the application is light-weight.
  • After the download, you can proceed to launch the channel.
  • On display, you can see the activation code for your device. Use that to activate the device by feeding it in nbc.com/activate.
  • Make sure to visit the nbc.com/activate link using a web browser on a smartphone or laptop.
  • After the verification of the activation code, you can proceed to login to the channel.
  • Use the TV provider’s credentials to log in to the channel. Make sure you enter the right credentials so that you can easily activate the channel during the first time.
  • From here, you can stream the contents on your channel and enjoy the NBC network without cable.