Privacy Policy

To understand more about our services, it is necessary for you to abide by our terms and conditions and privacy policy. You can know in detail how we protect, transfer, and process the data we obtain from our users/subscribers.

Intention Of Data Collection

For us to help you out with our services, we may require personal information of yours. This is strictly restricted for professional use, and we will need you to authorize the process; only then will we be able to serve you better.

Personal Information

To get the highest output from us, we will need some of the information that one may regard as personal. These may include e-mail addresses, names, credit card details, etc. These are used in a strictly professional manner, and the collected data will be processed according to the norms.

Payment Information

To authorize the transaction, we may need you to provide information on your credit card or PayPal accounts. So keep all your information safe and secure at the user end.


As we are accountable for our integrity and responsibility, our website will not be responsible for any loss or misuse of the personal information provided by you. Strict laws are put into practice to prevent any threats or damages associated with our website.


One can use the cookies option to download the documents from our website. This may include website traffic or any such details. You have to unblock the cookies, in case it has been blocked previously. Only then will you be able to access the information on our website.

Reports To Diagnose And Resolve Errors

We will gather error reports from our users in case of any misuse or damage or threat to our website.


We will keep all your data safe and secure. Without the prior consent of our users, we will not disclose any data or information. We abide by confidentiality and will keep all the information safe.


We stick to the information of the associated judicial body in case of any misuse, threat, damage, or misinterpretation of a person or entity. Also, any violation of rules and regulations is also punishable.

Location Access

We may require the location access of the users to deliver corresponding services, to activate or deactivate an account, cancel the transactions, etc.

User Responsibility

The following things should be the user responsibility that uses our website.

  • To keep the account credentials safe and secure.
  • To not disclose any personal information to third party organizations.
  • Our website is not liable for any threats due to the usage of the service associated with our third-party website.

For more information with respect to our privacy policy, reach out to our professional desk.