Going cordless is one of the easiest ways to subscribe to television entertainment. It is cost-effective, includes a wide variety of channels, compatible with your device, and a lot of other things. But, still, there seem to be a few factors that can stop some of the folks from cutting the cord. These mainly include watching live TV programs like sports events or news channels, etc. Fox Sports GO, is the streaming device version of Foxsports, is your ultimate cure if you are compensating the vast ocean of entertainment for a few sporting events. Fox Sports GO streams a variety of sports events that can put any sports fanatics in awe.

The channel focuses on multiple sports events that can make any sports fanatic to drool. Famous events on golf, soccer, tennis, boxing, WWE, Basketball, NFL, etc. are some of the few that are available in this channel that you should not miss. This is the last piece of the puzzle that you need in order for you to go as a full-blown cord cutter.

Fix FOX Sports GO Technical Issues

What do I need to stream Fox Sports GO on your streaming device?

All you need is a TV provider’s credentials to sign in to the channel.” Fox Sports” has almost all the TV providers in its pocket, so don’t sweat about it. This is very rare, but if you are unable to find your TV provider under the list of providers available, then wait for a bit longer as most of the major networks are already under the channels’ support.

Apart from this, you will need a streaming device like Roku or FireTV and a stable internet connection. Even TV providers like HULU, Sling TV, YouTube TV, and AT&T TV now and many others are being included over there. The abundance of options is always comforting.

How to troubleshoot any issues on Fox Sports Go?

Fox Sports GO is ultimately a channel that depends on various independent factors to work in perfect synchronization for the proper functioning of the channel. So there is a window for error while streaming the channel.

The following are the issues that are common among users of the Fox Sports GO.

An empty EPG

EPG refers to the Electronic Program Guide. An empty EPG is obviously an error, but it is not a severe threat to your streaming experience, but you are better off without it.

You can identify this if you only see all the free content and not the whole list of available shows. You can have the most out of the channel only when you are able to see the entire list of programming instead of just the free options.

How to resolve this?

This is most probably an issue due to a minor technical glitch. So this problem will resolve on its own if you just restart the device or perform a power cycle on it. If still, the problem persists, try logging out and logging back again. This will kick-start the list, and you will see the whole list of contents you can stream.

Unavailable registered session or unable to create the registered session

When you sign in to your channel, there are times when you may see a popup like “could not create a registered session.” This, too, is one of the most common messages, but a bit more specific when it occurs. You will see these kinds of messages popping up when you launch the channel after restarting or resetting your device. This will erase all the information that has been stored previously, like language preferences, location, etc.

How to resolve this issue?

Try turning ON your device’s location services. This issue won’t go away if you change the location settings on your Fox sports GO channel; instead, you have to change the device’s location to make sure that this problem subsides.

You are unable to see the regional sports network during the login

This is a common error that happens once in a while. It is more of a technical glitch than go to an extent to treat this as an error. You will be able to see the regional network when you launch the application, but when you use the TV provider’s credentials and sign in, none of those networks will show up.

How to resolve this issue?

There is no standard fix for this error as these kinds of problems are due to the basic wear and tear of the service. You can try using the service after some time. This will work for sure. But if the error doesn’t go away, try power cycling your device and also opt to log in/out of the service and try again.