When a channel is listed on cable service, whether you watch the shows are not, they are not going to earn a penny less or a penny more. The scenario takes a drastic turn while they are listed on a streaming platform like Roku, Android TV, or Apple TV. Customers have the option to select the channel they want, so naturally, the channels are forced to do gimmicks to gain subscribers. For example, Roku, one of the popular streaming services in America, has 3000+ channels and new channels pop up almost daily. So the question narrows down to, “what makes your channel so special?”

Showtime anytime, in that aspect, is one of the most entertaining channels you can subscribe to. You have a wide array of contents on the channel that can make anyone subscribe to the channel. To add and activate this channel is also simple and straightforward. Anyhow, ensure that you need the following things before you can proceed with streaming the contents on the “Showtime anytime” channel.

Showtime Anytime Channel on Roku

What do you need to activate the Showtime anytime channel?

  • Your TV provider should be a part of the provider’s list that “Showtime anytime” supports.
  • You also need a subscription to the “Showtime anytime” channel with your TV provider.
  • You will also need an account for the “Showtime anytime” channel so that you can activate the channel.

How to add and activate the Showtime anytime channel on your streaming device?

The “Showtime anytime” channel is available on most of the famous streaming devices like Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Xbox one, etc. The activation steps are pretty common irrespective of the streaming device that you use. The general principle is to,

  • Add the channel.
  • Sign in with TV provider.
  • Activate using the activation link.
  • Proceed to stream the contents.

How to add the Showtime anytime channel on Roku?

You can add the “Showtime anytime” channel on Roku using the following steps.

  • Launch your Roku device and look if any updates are available for your device’s software.
  • If you can update your device’s software, proceed with the updating process.
  • After the updates are over, restart the device to save the changes on your device.
  • Now, launch the device and wait for the home screen to load.
  • Once the home screen loads, go to the search bar, where you can type in your desired input.
  • At the search bar, type “Showtime anytime” and hit the search button.
  • After you hit the search button, you can see a list of results from which you can select the one that you are searching for.
  • Once you choose your channel, click on it to open the description page.
  • Cross-refer with the channel’s logo and description of the channel to make sure that you’ve selected the right channel.
  • Now, next to the description page, you will see a tab called “add channel.”
  • Click on that tab to initiate the download process. The channel will take only a few seconds to download as it is light-weight and occupies less space.
  • Upon completion of the process, revert back to the home screen and look at the list of channels that are available for you to watch.
  • Now, search for the “Showtime anytime” channel on your list. Once you find the channel, you can launch the channel by clicking on it.

How to activate the “Showtime anytime” channel on Roku?

You can activate the “Showtime anytime” channel by following the steps below.

  • Open the channel on your streaming device.
  • Once you launch the channel, you have to choose your TV provider from the list.
  • Your TV provider should be on the list of available providers; if not, you will not be able to activate the channel.
  • After you choose the TV provider, you can use the corresponding provider’s credentials to log in to the Showtime anytime channel.
  • Once you login to your channel, you can see the activation code on our screen. This is the activation code that you have to use to activate the “Showtime anytime” channel on Roku.
  • You can make use of the note pad to write down the activation code, just in case.
  • Now, use a browser from your smartphone or laptop to visit showtimeanytime.com/activate.
  • Once you are in the site, enter the code for the channel on the space provided and continue with the flow.
  • The code will take a few seconds to verify, so don’t worry if it takes a bit longer than normal.
  • After the activation code verifies, all that is left is to stream the contents on the channel.

The activation steps are similar in all the other streaming platforms, including Apple TV, Xbox One, Android TV, etc. So don’t panic if you are using any other streaming device.